From the Toy Distribution a few weeks ago involving the Project Reindeer volunteers dressed up as princesses and Rudolf and a special little girl (as told by the group's leader). "Her father came to the rescue as our Spanish speaking translator on the day of the event, even though he wasn't a volunteer but instead was there (as one of the 800 recipients of aid) to pick out a toy for his child. We were giving out treats, and one of our volunteers had given his daughter one of those giant Christmas candy bars. Another child who arrived late saw her holding the magnificent sweet and of course wanted one, but we had completely run out by then. Our little helper really didn't want to give up her candy bar, but her father encouraged her, so she did it. She was about 7, and at 7, giving up a giant candy bar isn't an easy thing to do, especially when you're only going to receive one or two gifts on Christmas Day. What an incredible act of generosity, wouldn't you say? Well, there's a post script to the story, because there needs to be a post script to a story like that. On December 23, "Santa" (that's us) e-mailed her a $50 Toys R US gift certificate, with a note from Santa, thanking her for being so kind and generous. The e-mail wasn't traceable to us, as it came from Toys R Us and was signed "Santa." So... Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus... and we had the pleasure of making him real to a very special little girl and her family this year. (And here it is three weeks later, and I'm still blinking away the tears as I write this!)"


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