Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the way our local community came together this Thanksgiving to provide complete food baskets for over 400 low-income and homeless families at FRC. On Monday, we had only 127 turkeys donated and were trying to get the word out that we still needed almost 300 more turkeys by the next morning. And miraculously, thanks to so many of YOU, we had over 400 turkeys by the next morning! This is the first year ever that we had enough turkeys for EVERY family to receive one, enough fresh produce for every family and enough food items to give every family a complete food basket to make a full Thanksgiving meal. Many of the families showed surprise and enormous gratitude that they would actually get everything they needed to make a complete meal. And we had enough volunteers that, for the first time ever, each family had a personal assistant to help them carry their heavy food packages. Thank you to all who donated and/or volunteered at our event. This year, we saw a lot of smiling faces as we served the FRC families who are going through challenging seasons in their lives. Now that is what Thanksgiving is all about!


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